4 Halloween Nail Ideas Worth Trying

4 Halloween Nail Ideas Worth Trying

What is the one special occasion that is as exciting as your birthday but not as colorful as Christmas? The answer is definitely Halloween, and you should be more prepared for it now than ever. Remember that the great costume items can run out fast – get one now before if you can. You better have candies at the ready too, in case a lot of kids will be doing the Trick or Treat in your neighborhood this year. While we’re at it, you cannot be caught with bare nails or boring nail polish in this spooky festivity, so learn how to recreate these four Halloween nail ideas that are truly worth trying.

#1: Googly Eyes

If this is just the first time you are considering Halloween nail ideas, the googly eyes will suit you well. The colors you need to get are black and white. The application of the black polish is the same as how you would usually paint your nails. As for the design, however, there are two things you can do. First is to use the nail polish brush to create the white part of the eyes, and then simply create the pupils with a black marker. The other option is to purchase a nail art pen, so that you only have to draw the white portion.

#2: Batty

This is basically for the people who cannot let go of brightness in their lives even through nail art but still want to join in the occasion. The Halloween nail ideas like this do not require you to stick to these specific pastel colors if you are not a fan of them. They simply have to be a lighter shade. You may or may not use different hues as well. When you have picked the color(s) you like, apply two coats on your nails and let them dry before you draw the bats. Top the design off with glittery clear polish for a nice effect.

#3: Gradient Blood

In case you are not into loud designs, you can keep things in style with gradient Halloween nail ideas. Of course, the best example of this is the color of blood. The top of the nails on the image depict what fresh blood looks like. Then, the color darkens as you reach the tip. All you need for this art is a flat little sponge, and different shades of red. Make the gradient on the sponge before dabbing it on your fingers until you get the desired flair. Just be aware that it can be a messy process, so cover the skin around the nails before you proceed.

#4: Scary Scramble

If you have this nudging thought that there are so many amazing Halloween nail ideas to choose from, and you are quite the artistic prodigy, no one will stop you from doing a diverse design on each of your fingernails. This is the perfect time for you to bring out your love for scary things, that’s why you should plan how you want to do it ahead of time. The styles can be easily made when you have trusty nail art pens. Hence, it would feel as if you are painting, except for the fact that your canvas is your nails.

May these Halloween nail ideas inspire you to dress up your nails this All Hallows’ Eve.


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