Sydney Opera House

5 Most Amazing Australian Architectural Delights

Architects in Australia have created some of the most outstanding and the unusual buildings in the world. Australian Icons are internationally recognized which are famous for the travel industry. There are so many people who visit these places for the architectural knowledge.

  • Sydney Opera House: This is one of the most famous and the renowned building designed by the famous architect John Utzon. It’s situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour. The building was open for the general public after the Utzon’s selection for the best International design competition in the year 1957. Sydney Opera house is one of the most distinctive buildings and most famous performing arts centers in the world.

Number of Visitors Per year: 8.2 Million

Economical Contribution: 1 billion$

Sydney opera house is operated and runs the tourism, travel and hospitality and other activities, it programs 44% of all the performances.

  • St Patrick's Cathedral: It is the Roman Cathedral church of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne in Victoria. The church has been built on the traditional east –west axis, and the plan is in the style of Latin Cross consisting of a nave with sides aisles, transepts with the side aisle, a sanctuary with seven chapels and sacristies.
  • Melbourne Recital Centre - Melbourne, Victoria: This is the home of the classics- The Melbourne Recital Centre is the second largest hall for classical and the musical playing. Designed by the Ashton Raggatt McDougall. It is a part of the Melbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre are having two complex auditoriums for show stopping performances and the amazing and the world wide famous Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
  • National Museum of Australia: It’s the building that was formally established by the National Meuseum of Australia Act, 1980.This Museum has almost indigenous heritage, and has key evnets including Federation and the Sydney 2000 Olympics. This Museum has the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal bark paintings and the stone tools of the past time. This has the tourists’ attraction at the time of the exhibition that is held on the subjects ranging from bush rangers to Surf Lifesaving.
  • Federation Square: Angular, metallic and glass boxes line Federation Square’s interlocking buildings. This square includes the art galleries,theatres, revolving restaurants, bars, and an open amphitheater and on the top is the working railway in the centre of the Melbourne.Its one the most awarded project in the history.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: This is the bridge , with the impressive feat of its construction is the largets steel arch bridge in the World. Its 134 meter above the harbor. Considered as the most visited place in Sydney this bridge is giving the spectacular view over the harbor and the city. In addition to the railway line, it has two pedestrian path and eight lanes for the road traffic, the direction of the same can be switched at the time of huge traffic.

Travel Industry of Australia has major impact on its economical growth as tourists come here for holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons to visit friends or some short term work related visits. You must see Australia and see these exiting places and add it your travel diary.



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