Small Bathroom Design

Exploring The Possibilities Of A Small Bathroom Design

Designing a small bathroom can be an exciting task as you can indulge into loads of activities on your own. Coming up with a creative design is relatively easy and cheap as compared to hiring a professional for the same as firstly, you don’t have the desired space to recreate your bathroom and secondly, you do not want to invest more on something for which you are unsure of the results.

Bathroom is the most private and of course, the most used part of the house and therefore you should practically try to bring around all the necessary decorating ideas into this part of the house. Earlier, bathroom used to be just a utility space for which not much thought had been paid. Since we are now getting into less spacey houses in order to pay less rent or some other reason, the size of different rooms in the house is also reducing. In such conditions, it is always the bathroom which is kept smallest as this utility space doesn’t require much sophistication.

When you want to think of something out of the box and do not want to settle down with whatever is there, you should try to open up your imagination level a little more. Designing an old rusty bathroom can be as fun as an adventure as you would be indulging into a lot of creativity. This also lets you to stretch the imagination beyond a particular level.

How To Start With The Designing Of A Small Bathroom

The typical idea behind renovating or designing a small bathroom is to maximize the limited space. Bathrooms that have very less physical space certainly do not have much to be experimented over. In order to make the dingy bathroom appear spacious and big, you have to take care of certain things.


Removing The Clutter

This is one old habit that still persists in many households. We already have a small bathroom and loading clutters to it would only add up to the mess. Sometimes the wash basin bed, the closets and shelves are piled up with different stuffs we don’t even sue on a regular basis. The shelves are also packed with empty bottles of shampoo, conditioners and soap cases which are used long ago. In short, there is no point in saving and storing empty or near-empty bottles in the bathroom as these can only add up to the existing dinginess.

Go For A Hanging Design

Big bathrooms would allow you to have anything you want in there. The same doesn’t go well with less spacey and small bathrooms. You cannot dream of a Jacuzzi or a bath tub in a room which is already small. Not only this, the usual accessories that we have in our bathrooms such as sinks, basins, towel racks and shelves can also take up spaces. So it is always better to go for hanging hardware because that enables to save more space and also makes the bathroom appear more creative.

Use The Mirrors Wisely In The Bathroom

It is very true that mirrors do add spaces to an area. The same is applied in bathroom designing as well. It is a common thinking that if mirrors are used adequately in the bathroom, the size of the bathroom can be disguised. However experts would deny a bit in the statement who are of a different opinion that overdoing mirrors in a small bathroom would only lead to the adverse results. Having more mirrors in the bathroom would only emphasize the corners and therefore you should be very careful in choosing and installing the mirrors in the bathroom.

Utilize The Door To Save Space

Most of us put more emphasis on the wall and accessories in the bathroom where door is also one such useful part which can help you to save lot of space. Use your door to install towel and cloth hangers. Small bathroom design can be enhanced when you use such creative ways to save more space.

Choose Small Items To Use The Most Of It

Big fixtures are not at all recommended for small bathrooms. These can really make the bathroom look overcrowded. You can find several small accessories starting from sinks and wash basins to towel racks and shelves. Small accessories can redefine the way your bathroom looks in a much larger way.

Color Your Bathroom Wisely

The pastels that we use on our walls play a very essential role in building up the look and feel of the bathroom. While dark colors might make your bathroom appear gloomy, cramped and much smaller in size, the same is just reverse when you try soft and light shades on the wall. Pastel, white, soft pink and light peach are few of the shades that go well with the bathroom design. It is also highly recommended to keep the shades simple as a variance of color patterns might also go wrong.

Go For Space Saver Tubs

Indulging into a great bath is something we want after a long and tiring day in the work. A bath tub can sometimes provide you the much required relaxation. You might also think that bath tub is not at all affordable as this will eat up all the space in the bathroom. Here, you can give space saver bath tubs a try as they take up less floor space. The corner models can be fitted to one corner of the bathroom which can enhance the look and save space, both at the same time. Japanese soaking tubs, “ofuro” are less in length and have more depth and therefore these soaking tubs can give you the required relaxation in the same space.

Bathroom renovation is a tricky job and it gets trickier when you want to renovate a small one. Practically, we cannot apply much flexibility to small bathrooms as they have space shortage. But you can definitely apply your creativity and imagination to bring out something incredible from the available space. So pull your pants to give your small bathroom a big makeover!


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