Elecampane oil

Health benefits of Elecampane oil

Elecampane oil is a remarkable essential to prevent and cure a variety of disease. this highly benefiting essential oil generally comes from perennial sort of plant. these plants are found majorly in Great Britain and all over Europe. as per historic believe, elecampane was first produced from where the tears of Helen of Troy's fall, and from there on it spread almost all over the world. Elecampane root is pretty costly. it is also known as elfwort or elfdock.

The plant has a great range of beneficial of different terms. But the essential oil delivered from the root of elecampane has a lot of health benefits in terms of preventing as well as curing different disease. although this oil taste extremely bitter but it has a catching odor that smells really good.

Elecampane oil at a glance

botanical name:

  • Inula helenium (formerly Compositae)
  • Family Asteraceae

Commonly used names:

  • Elfdock
  • Elfwort
  • Alant
  • Horse-elder
  • Scabwort
  • Horseheal
  • Wild sunflower
  • Velvet dock etc.

Health benefits of Elecampane oil

as it is already mentioned that, this oil has a huge variety of health benefits, here are some of them-

  1. 1. Digestive health: This oil helps digestion, eliminate intestinal worms, and stimulate increased nutrient retention as well.
  2. Immune System: It is already testified since centuries that; this oil helps boost the immune system of the whole body and build a layer to protect from foreign invasion.
  3. Respiratory Distress: It is considerably the first and most vastly exercised benefit of elecampane oil for centuries. The oil release mucus developing in the respiratory area and let it expel from the body.
  4. Dental health: The antiseptic and antibacterial essentials of this oil help eliminate a number of dental issues. having mixing a small quantity of this oil with mouthwash or toothpaste and using regularly will have a soothing positive impact on your dental health.

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