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How To Heat Press a T-shirt

If you stay in a public place or in a busy place for 5 mins you will see a lot of people hovering around wearing the t-shirt.  T-shirt probably the most common cloth people wear. Why is t-shirt so popular? Simply because it is very comfortable to wear and its mass design collection. Although it is not a formal dress to put on. But it is heavily used by both men and women.

Something about T-shirt:

  • Since the t-shirt was created in 1920, T-shirts have produced Approximately two-billion-dollar market.
  • Most of the T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, polyester and also in cotton/polyester blend.
  • Heat transfer, Embroidery, Dye sublimation, Vinyl transfer, and cutters are the most popular t-shirt designing method.
  • Almost 30% of people like the funny t-shirt most.
  • T-shirt was named for its shape. The name T-shirt first appeared in the Merriam Webster dictionary during 20's.
  • During world WW1 European troopers wore comfortable and lightweight during the hot summer.

The t-shirt is very popular for its vast collection of design and pattern. You can apply the design on the t-shirt in many ways. But the most popular way to design your t-shirt by Using a Heat Press. Nowadays Heat press is very popular method among the suppliers as a format of designing T-shirt. Heat press technique is a unique process to apply on. So now let's know something about heat press how it's done step by step.

How To Heat Press A T-Shirt Step By Step

Choosing the right Fabrics:

The first step is to choose a right fabric for this procedure. The sort of fabric that melts easily by heat shouldn't be used. Fabrics like synthetic material, thin fabrics are not suitable for this process. The most popular fabric for t-shirt designing is cotton, polyester, nylon, and Lycra. Don't forget to pre-wash the fabric If you don’t pre-wash them. When there’s a strong possibility to appear wrinkly after your first wash your t-shirt.

Prepare a design or image and right transfer paper

Choosing the design or artwork you want to press on the T-shirt is the next step. It could be a personal digital photograph, an abstract artistic design or a slogan. For this step, you have to design your artwork by using some design software like Corel or Adobe Illustrator. The most difficult challenge for using heat machine that it cannot print white. If you want to print white color it will show the original color of your t-shirt. So, before choosing your artwork just keep that in mind. You can use off-white instead of white color. Also, don't forget to flip your artwork horizontally using your design software. You also have to choose the right paper to print your artwork or design. There are many kinds of paper in the market but you have to choose the right transfer paper which is not vulnerable to heat. Print the reversed design or image into the heat transfer paper. There is a lot of company who sells this kind of papers.

Cut The unwanted part of the paper:

After that, you have to cut the unwanted part if the paper you are using. The reason for this is your artwork's ink needs the paper's film to stay firmly on the T-shirt. If you keep any unwanted paper it will have its film transferred onto the shirt. After that, you have to Lay the mirrored artwork or image face down over your chosen T-shirt.
Place the artwork and T-shirt between the plates of a heat press:

Apply heat and medium to high from the press to transfer the Artwork or image on your T-shirt. Then simply Grab the handle on the hot plate arm of the press machine and pull the hot plate down on the T-shirt. Push the handle down till it clamps with a click and therefore the hot plate is locked down. Then wait for some seconds which is required for the press to transfer the design towards the transfer paper's direction. Or you can also wait until you listen to the buzzer if your machine has one. Time can be vary 5-25 seconds. So, you should not step away from the press. Then Open the press by lifting the handle to unclamp it. Then you have to carry the lower paper corners of the transfer with your fingernail and grip the corner with one hand where the other hand holds the shirt down at that corner. Try to Use a cloth to hold the shirt if the fabric is too hot to hold. After that Pull the cornerback and peel the paper of the T-shirt. Pull the shirt off the platform and set the t-shirt on a flat surface to cool it down. After finishing your work switch off and disconnect the heat press machine once you are finished. That's it now you have successfully applied design on your t-shirt by using Heat Press machine.

How To Press A T-Shirt

things you will need to have to press a t-shirt-

  • ironing board
  • spray bottle with water
  • iron

now start press your t-shirt with having these things with you.

here are the steps of pressing a t-shirt-

  • spray water to your wrinkly t-shirt
  • pick a sleeve and press it with the iron.
  • press the other sleeve.
  • iron the front side of the t-shirt.
  • iron the back side.
  • hang it on a hanger or put it on after some time, once the heat turns into normal.

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